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“During my time in care I suffered from on-going health issues, employees at Young London took on a role of parental responsibility and supported me, in all medical appointments and ensured I was well, I had a fantastic key worker who played a sister role in my life.”

“With the help and support of Young London, I was given career advice helping me to form an understanding of what I would like to be and also how I can possibly become the best as an individual, creating the mind-set that I have today and that I spread to other young people of not letting your circumstances define you. I am proud to say that I am a product of Young London Today, I currently work as a Business Enterprise Strategic Manager, split between Westminster City Council and House of Commons.”

“During my 2nd year of education I became pregnant, Young London staff and my key worker were there to support me. I questioned how I would manage with a new baby and studies. With the added support of staff; who assisted me with hospital appointments and emotional support, I was able to complete my 2nd year before having my daughter. I took a few months away from studies to adapt to my new role in life and when my daughter was 7 months old I made the decision to return back to education.”

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