Young people have access to a diverse range of support services which are proven to meet their individual needs, these include:

  • Safe environments via 24-hour, shared and stand-alone supported accommodation
  • Dedicated inspirational key workers
  • The development of practical life skills
  • Rapid interventions
  • Education
  • Health
  • Mentors
  • Emotional and financial wellbeing
  • Advice and advocacy

Outcomes from all services provided by YLT are documented, evaluated and shared to promote “Best Practice” and used to influence government policy pertaining to social care legislation. We aim to radically improve the way in which children and young people are supported by local authorities and the wider political community pre & post 18 years of age.

Young people remain at the core of our services at all times, therefore it is imperative that we draw on our young people to constantly re-evaluate and develop the service we provide. To do this in a constructive and effective manner, YLT have empowered a small group of young people, known as our “Youth Board”, to become decision makers and play an active role in improving our provision of care. The Youth Board are encouraged to focus their attention on the fact that they are an integral and very important part of society and need to give something back for their own upkeep. This enables them to achieve the all important “self worth” and personal satisfaction needed as a foundation for a fulfilling life future.

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